[GAP TIME , of HAPPY] play by a short time, GameDev

Welcome, indie game development studio "KaoraGameStudio" is "Kaora". "KaoraGameStudio" is active by an individual as an indie game development studio at Osaka suburb.

A motto, [at gap time, of happy], in the travel time to work and a form of waiting time which can play in a little time.

A play of game within 5 minutes is produced from 1 minute.

I'm challenging game production of the various genres.
A developer "Kaora" is making in gap time, too.
It's a dream to create the work crowd who makes every kind of game fancier a captive.

Please experience the different dimensional world of the game our studio interweaves by all means.

(Thank you very much for associating with a my hobby.)


◇ Game development and illustration ◇

The daytime is being studied and developed by an enterprise.
I have a 7-month-old child with my wife.

Game development and a painter are being done between child care of domesticities.

I'm producing from a plan of game development, am designing, am testing, release it and am doing all advertisement by myself.


It's a target that you can have coffee by game development and buy now child's toy.

Please take care of everybody.

If there is something, from the question form of the lower part, please.

[Use tool by game production] Unity CLIPSTUDIO

[The favorite game genre] simple game and tower defence

 [Language] C , C++ , C# , VB , Python, ROSa little.


Latest Game Movie

Hex4-In-a-low Multiplay六角形の四目並べ

[The genre] Multiplay BoradGame

The Multiplay battle type board game


[Platform] iOS Android Windows MacOS WebGL


[The price] it's free (no charge).

  ※ Advertisement animation is played.


[The game overview]

1 play for 3 minutes!

It's in the head's exercise in the break between work!


The confrontation type board game of a simple rule.

I'll enjoy a confrontation with a player of all over the world in the Multiplay battle.

"4-In-a-low" is performed on the hex board.

* That 4 of the stone is linked to the length or a slant, win

Foul rule of* "When 3 are lined up, it's ."

* Bat second can put 2 stones in the first time.


​My Games

Pickup  Title.




The 1st work 

Unity was used and first game application making and release were experienced.

Opening to the public is suspended at present, but I'd like to refine and release it sometime.



I'm challenging various things to a work of 2 crop list here.
* multiplay
* Network rank
put the emphasis on substantiality of the network function. Even a Multiplay is only several seconds. You can debut in the world competition.
They're a board game, a strategic characteristic, concentration and such genre, the favorite one will play by all means.



[I'm producing at present.]
The game by which Lloyd of an android develops a race like horse racing!




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